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Welcome to the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange, or ALICE, the one-stop web-based public library of progressive state and local laws.  The library includes model laws, meaning suggested general language for a law, ready to be tailored to a particular jurisdiction; "exemplary" laws that have been introduced or enacted somewhere and are worthy of replication; and various types of "supports" that help to make the argument for particular laws.  The ALICE library now houses over 2,100 exemplary laws, model laws, and supporting research documents!

BREAKING NEWS: The Progressive States Network (PSN) will be merging with ALICE to create a new organization to support progressive legislators and partner organizations across the country. For more information, check out the Joint Statement on the PSN and ALICE Merger from ALICE Executive Director, Nick Rathod, and PSN Board Chair, Sen. Joe Bolkcom.


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City ordinances criminalizing homelessness on the rise

A new report by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP) examines nationwide increases in city ordinances that outlaw life sustaining behaviors of the homeless. These ordinances are framed by city officials as an attempt to help the homeless; however, a body of evidence, including a government report, suggests that programs that provide permanent housing and access to drug and alcohol treatment are more successful and economically effective solutions. Check out the NLCHP report to view its policy recommendations for addressing homelessness. 


New York City to begin issuing Municipal ID cards

New York City will now issue municipal ID cards to residents regardless of immigration status. This new policy will provide immigrant populations with a valuable document that can be used to utilize previously unaccessible services and programs. With these IDs, immigrants can apply for health care, check out library books, open a bank account, and more. Check out ALICE's municipal ID card toolkit to find out more about the myriad benefits this policy can provide to immigrant communities.


How to Use the ALICE Website

There are many ways to search the ALICE library to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many parameters that you can utilize to search the library, including subject, policy area, year, state, source, and more. This brief tutorial on how to use the alicelaw.org website can help you find innovative and progressive legislation and supporting research documents with ease.





Georgia's "Guns Everywhere" law goes into effect

Under Georgia's recently enacted "guns everywhere" law, residents can carry firearms into bars, nightclubs, classrooms, churches, government buildings, and even TSA checkpoints at the airport. The new law, the most sweeping pro-gun bill in state history, also expands the state's "Stand Your Ground"  law. The ALICE library offers resources on repealing or curbing the worst effects of state "Stand Your Ground" laws and holds many models for other common sense gun safety reforms.


Massachusetts sets course for nation's highest minimum wage

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill into law on June 26th that raises the state's minimum wage to $11 per hour by 2017. Currently, this wage rate would be the highest of any state in the nation. The new law also will see the wage floor rise for tipped workers. Take some time to read over the act and the accompanying research in the ALICE library on the merits of a hike in the minimum wage.


ALICE Bail Reform Toolkit

About 60% of inmates in local jail have not been convicted of a crime - they simply cannot afford bail. The majority of these inmates are guilty of nonviolent crimes and pose little danger to the public. The current bail procedure creates an unequal system that penalizes those who cannot afford bail while draining millions of dollars of public funding into local jails. The ALICE Bail Reform Toolkit introduces evidence-based risk assessments to modernize a broken system.